Cloud technology

The future of your IT lies in the cloud.

The ideas about how information technology is used in your company to map processes and the demands of all internal and external users for the flexibility of your IT are changing. There is no way around the cloud anymore. Companies that are already responding to the changes are transforming their existing IT step by step in the direction of the cloud.

To cope with this, stable and reliable technology is needed. Cloud services from the various providers offer these. In addition to the cloud strategy, which defines issues such as “private”, “public” or “hybrid” cloud approaches, the choice of cloud platform in particular also plays an important role.

Whether and to what extent cloud technology is suitable for your company, and at what speed, cannot be answered in a blanket manner. We accompany you during the first steps.


Analysis of the

  • We understand the complexity of your applications
  • We gain an understanding of the underlying infrastructure
  • We record which self-built and purchased products you use

Evaluation of the
current situation

  • There are no taboos. We put every application to the test on the basis of the inventory analysis
  • We decide which component to keep or change
  • Sorting components into migration categories: Refactor, Replatform, Repurchase, Rehost, Retire, Retain

Application Technologies

  • We look at details: Which databases do you use in which version or which programming languages?
  • We gain an understanding of the structure of your applications and assess whether it has a problem after transfer to the cloud.

Detailed analysis “Refactor
or “Replatform

  • We look at the relevant components in detail
  • We show the need for change
  • We are evaluating different options
  • Based on the findings, we jointly create a plan for the transformation of the existing applications


Using the best of today to achieve the best for tomorrow.

The use of cloud technology is not an end in itself. It must be planned carefully and designed with foresight. Even with simple steps, noticeable improvements can be achieved. These must be coordinated with each other and implemented to the right degree.

Cloud does not mean that you forget everything you have done so far. Tackled sustainably and efficiently, cloud means first analyzing your existing landscapes. Cloud technology gives you a way to engage with the future one step at a time. Where there is an urgent need for action, first; in other places, perhaps a little later.

Choosing the right infrastructure is key to deploying cloud technology.

Container orchestration with Kubernetes

A new world for operations.

Containers have revolutionized the DevOps idea. The importance of containerization lies primarily in its ability to move software from development to production through the various stages with minimal effort. The full potential can only be realized through the use of container orchestration platforms, which can significantly reduce operating expenses and significantly shorten the deployment times of new services.